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The Yellow Car Fuelosophy

a keynote with a difference


The Yellow Car Fuelosophy is more than a great keynote, it’s also an unforgettable stage experience that has everyone laughing while they learn a powerful, instant way to reduce stress and anxiety

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Things can change & they can change quickly


Your people don’t need to stay burned out, exhausted by stress or running on empty because of anxiety.


Your people know that when things go wrong their mood crashes suddenly  – sadly most people have no idea that they have the power to instantly reverse and avoid the crash.

Things can change and they can change quickly.


Productivity, innovation, hope and energy will increase when your audience discovers the simple Yellow Car way to exit the roundabout of worry and stress and avoid the mood crash that circling that roundabout brings.


Funny Keynote Speaker

The Yellow Car Fuelosophy helps your people return to their more productive, enthusiastic selves by inspiring them to:

Exit the roundabout of worry & stress

Face problems in an entirely new way

Keep going forward instead of being obsessed with the rear-view mirror perspective

Instantly shift to solution thinking

Stop blowing a gasket over things that don’t serve them

Wipe the sh** off the windscreen and start seeing what the options really are

Toni Powell is one of the most recognised & enjoyed positive culture/wellbeing communicators in Australia.

She’s an award-winning filmmaker, TEDx speaker, author and is wizard at helping people to stop driving themselves crazy with worry and stress.